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Music Thursdays: Watch The Amazing Monty The Penguin Christmas Ad

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The United Kingdom retailer John Lewis does some great and amazing Christmas ads each year.  But this year, it’s the best one they have ever done!  The ad tells the story of a little boy, and a penguin named Monty, who is CGI.  The two have a great life together, but Christmas time comes around, and Monty starts to feel lonely.  In the ad, when Monty sees a couple, he freezes and looks at them.  Then the boy notices what Monty wants for Christmas, and on Christmas morning, Monty is shocked to see a new penguin named Mabel.  And the two fall in love, it’s an amazing ad, watch below!

At the end of the video, you see the boy playing with two penguin toys, and you really find out what this ad is all about, the vivid imagination in children is alive and well!  So, since this is a Music Thursdays post, let’s talk about the song heard in the video.  The song is called “Real Love.”  The song was originally written and performed by John Lennon before he was killed.

In the John Lewis ad, “Real Love” is performed by Tom Odell.  If you love it, buy the single on iTunes by clicking here.  And if you are over in the UK, John Lewis is selling apps, books, toys, and even has the Monty experience in their stores.  So if you want to learn more about this whole thing, go to:

And yes, John Lewis has even gotten Monty and Mabel on Twitter for their love story, here are a few of their tweets!

I could not forget the 2013 John Lewis Christmas ad called The Bear & The Hare.  This was perfect as well!

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