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Sunday Discussion: Pete Davidson Apologizes To Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw On Weekend Update

One week ago, Pete Davidson told a joke about Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw that caused controversy.  Last night, Pete Davidson returned to Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live to apologize.  But, there was more than telling an on air apology.  Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw also appeared on Weekend Update to tell jokes on Pete Davidson, and to also remind everyone on this Veterans Day Weekend to thank a veteran.  Saying to a veteran “never forget” is a great thing to do to any veteran.  Seriously, also saying “thank you” to a veteran, talking to a veteran, and if you can, help out a veteran as well if they need help.

Veterans made a huge sacrifice to serve our country!  One other good message is to forgive one another.  Quit the arguing between the left and right and actually talk to one another for a change,  I hope you watch this video below if you have not seen it yet!

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