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Great Ways To Earn Money From Your Sofa

Making money is the main thing we think about when we hit adult life and unfortunately it will always take a big chunk out of our day and take up our mind. When it comes to making money we are always striving for more to allow us to buy a house and live a comfortable life but it always feels as if we have no time to make any more than we already do. However, this year you can make some extra money in the evening sitting on your sofa and passively in your sleep, and here are some easy ways.


Blogging is a hobby which a lot of people take part in and it is something which many people do as a full career these days. As a blogger, all you need is a CMS and some great ideas and you can start making some content in the evenings on a subject you enjoy and make money through advertising on your website. It is super simple and it can be a great way to fund the things you want in life.

Trade online

Trading on the stock market might not be the first thing that you think you are able to take part in as an adult but it is accessible to everyone and it is a lot less scary than you think. You can trade in buildings, land, check oil inventories news, think about bit brands… and put money in to buy a stock and sell it when the value rises. It is a lot easier than you think and you can make money in your sleep.

Freelance it

Freelancing can be done with any industry at any level and you can use whatever skills you have in order to add value to the world and help people to achieve their goals. Joining a network like Upwork will allow you to be a proofreader for budding authors, to be an artist for a company, to be a writer for small blogs… there are endless possibilities so you can use whatever talent you have and share this with the world for a price.

Sell your photos

If you love nothing more than to pick up the camera every day and take photographs of the world, did you ever think of selling these photographs on a website or to a stock photo site where people can use it for their own means? Selling your photos can actually be a really great way to make some extra cash and if you put it on a site like Shutterstock you will earn money every time someone downloads the image.

Make crafts

If you are a super creative person and you make art, jewelry or other crafts then it might be a good idea to take a look at Etsy and start-up your own shop. You can sell your things in there to people all over the world and it can be a way of combining a hobby you love with a great small business.

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