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Triple The Fun By Playing Team Building Christmas Games

The church is holding a milestone for Xmas, and you have been given the responsibility of creating some Christmas activities.  Obviously, nothing can set the ‘celebration mood’ quite like these activities, we all know.   Children and adults can both enjoy these activities.  Therefore, all you need to do is create Xmas party activities, and you are all set to have a good time.

It would be the case that you do not really know many games nor any fun-based activities to arrange for the entire day, so that’s why we’re here!  We will be providing you with the best games ideas that you can easily arrange at the party and have a fun time.

1. Puzzle Masters

Find images of the different Holy bible and cut them into pieces of 5, 7, or 9 depending on the number of individuals at the Xmas party.  After that, mix the pieces together and set them in a container.

At the sound of your whistle, everyone will get to choose a piece and then scramble to find the rest of the individuals with the related pieces of the image.  Once they have been found, they need to use the tapes and charts to stick the image together.  The first team who completes the task can get all the perks.

2. Scavenger Christmas

This particular game is just like the original scavenger hunt games.  Split your attendees into groups of equal numbers and give all of them a list which has several Christmas related things on it, such as a Santa Claus cap, a Rosary etc. with different levels of difficulty.

All teams will have to find those things and get back in the required time. The team that reaches to the particular point will win.  You can change the theme of the game.  For instance, you can make a chain of clues; each clue gives the hint of the next clue.

3. Wrong the Right

Get a couple of verses from the Holy Bible and then change them a bit so that they aren’t the original verse.  Give each chit to the teams. Teams will have to find the mistakes and then correct them. The one who finds the mistake first will win.  This can certainly be more challenging by switching only one word, and one really has to find out their verses well. Or there could be 2 to 3 versus instead of just one.

Wrapping Up – Team Building Xmas Games

Most of these Christmas activities aren’t only an enjoyable experience, but also revolve around religious beliefs.  Therefore, if that’s been a significant condition to choose from, you can have your pick from the best activities.  Now the only thing you have to do is to plan out some arrangements so that you can have a fun party.  So, if you are confused that how to plan them all out, then will certainly help you to give some ideas.  Have a fun day.

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