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Oakley The Husky From Gone To The Snow Dogs Has Passed Away

Some very sad news to start this week.  One of my online friends lost one of their dogs over the weekend.  Oakley the Husky passed away and went over the Rainbow Bridge on the early morning hours of August 18, 2018.  This is what Jessica Hatch posted on her Facebook profile.

This was not something I was read to share with the world. This was not something I thought I would be sharing so soon. On August 18, 2018, around 1am or so. Oakley crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She had been having slower and slower days lately, and laying down and getting up were getting harder and harder. She had fallen a few times in the past few weeks, and we knew that things were getting so much harder on her. She fell again on Friday night, but this time, something happened in her back. I think her back gave out, which caused the fall. We lifted her up, and she fell down again. Jamie helped me get her up again, and we took her outside and tried to get her to try and walk. She could hold up her weight a bit, but she was in shock, and we could tell she was in extreme pain. (side note, thank you SO much to Matt and Greg who were there and helped us through all of this). We took her to see Dr Ryan at Switzers just after midnight, and after localizing her issues, we determined she had partial paralysis, in her hind end. Her leg with her Soft Tissue Sarcoma had almost no feeling left, and her other rear leg had very very little.

She was tired, and she clearly told us she was tired. . and she was ready. We made the choice to help her in her final journey. Our fluffy butt is gone. We rescued her just over 6 years ago. It feels like she has been with us so much longer. She had a rough life. Bloated 3 times, cancer in both of her back legs, arthritis all over the place, but she still wanted to be a part of everything we did. She loved Jeep rides, LOVED camping, and took to pulling a sled like a champ! We could never let her do it for long or far, but she absolutely loved running with the other dogs and the sled. Jamie and I are wrecked. We knew eventually the day would come, but we had no idea how fast. We miss her so much, and everything reminds us of her. Thank you to our amazing family and friends who showed up to just be with us over the weekend. It meant so much to us. We will learn to live life without her fluffy tuffs of fur all over, without her announcement barks at everything that walked by the window, without her barking for no reason at times. . . we miss her . . so so much. We love you Oakley. Thank you for teaching us all the things you did. Go find Shiloh, and run with her, pain free once again.

What I am writing here I also posted on the Snow Dogs Vlogs video in the comments.  Jessica, you gave Oakley one heck of an amazing life!  She came from some horrible abusive situations, and you gave her a chance to experience what all dogs should experience.  A chance to play with other dogs, a chance to be loved by their owners, a chance to be spoiled, a chance to experience a wide variety of amazing smells, a chance to see amazing new places, and a chance to live a safe and comfortable life knowing she can not be abused ever again.  Oakley made millions of people including myself smile on YouTube, and she was a great Fluffy Butt.  Oakley will now get a chance to experience a life with no more pain, and she will get to meet Shiloh as well.  I know she is very fortunate and happy that you gave her one amazing life she will never forget!  From all of us animal lovers, thank you for making sure Oakley got rescued and got to live one happy and spoiled life!

Here is the video explaining what happened, be prepared for some crying, and have some tissues nearby.

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