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Geek Alabama Pets: Dogs Easter Egg Hunt And Haul

Ever wanted to see dogs do an Easter egg hunt?  Do you know what dogs want in their Easter baskets?  In the first video, you get to see two dogs do an […]

Geek Alabama Pets: Husky Kissing Booth | Dog Kissing Booth For Valentine’s Day

Now this is way too cute!  The folks from Gone to the snow Dogs had their huskies Memphis and Kira do something very cute.  The Husky Kissing booth!  They have seen other […]

The Evening Post: Valentine Conversation Hearts for Dogs

Don’t want to leave your dogs out on Valentine’s Day, try out this recipe from the folks at Gone To The Snow Dogs.  Below, you can see how to make Valentine conversation […]

The Evening Post: Dogs Go Shopping At Petsmart For Christmas

Who wants to watch a cute dog video before Christmas Day?  The YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs took their dogs Memphis and Kira to Petsmart for a Christmas haul.  Enjoy […]

Video Roundup: Cute Animal Halloween Costume Videos

Halloween is a great time for kids and adults to dress up.  But what about our pets too?  Yes, even the pets can enjoy in some cool Halloween costume action!  Below, is […]

The Evening Post: Shelby The Husky Is Very Sick Right Now

I hate this.  One of my online friends is going through a tough moment.  The YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs has a husky who is currently very sick.  Shelby the […]

Good News Fridays: Strawberry Banana Dog Ice Cream Kongs

It’s hot outside, so if you have dogs, this is a easy recipe you can make for your dogs.  The folks from Gone to the Snow Dogs made Strawberry Banana Dog Ice […]

Watch Dogs Celebrate Fat Tuesday By Eating A Paczki

Happy Fat Tuesday!  Today is the last day to celebrate before Lent begins.  Yeah, people are partying like crazy at Mardi Gras.  But people are not the only ones celebrating.  Dogs can […]

Find Out How To Make Valentine’s Day Chocolates For Dogs

Wanting to have your dog enjoy Valentine’s Day candy?  Take a look at this recipe below!  The folks from Gone to the Snow Dogs made Valentine’s Day candy any dog would love.  […]

Watch Siberian Huskies Playing In Feet Of Deep Snow

People in Alabama missed out on the snow today.  But for those living in northern Michigan, they have been getting buried in feet of snow.  The YouTube channel Gone to the Snow Dogs […]

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