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Animation Monday: DuckTales The Shadow War Season One Finale

The season one finale of DuckTales was last weekend, and it was amazing!  The hour-long episode featured Magica DeSpell taking everyone’s shadows and turning them evil.  And the Duck family had to put away their differences and work together to defeat Magica DeSpell.  Throughout the episode, Uncle Scrooge got trapped in a 10 cent coin that Magica DeSpell was in before escaping.  And Lena sacrificed herself to help defeat Magica DeSpell and her powers.

Magica DeSpell is still alive, she does not have any powers anymore.  Lena for now is a part of Webby’s shadow.  And if you were sad to see what happened to Lena, do not worry, she will be back in season two as confirmed during Comic Con 2018.  We also got confirmation at the very end that the boys mother Della is indeed still alive and trapped on the moon, wow what a huge cliffhanger!  The great news is we will not have to wait for very long as season two of DuckTales will premiere on Disney Channel within the next few months sometime this Fall.

Below are a few clips from The Shadow War episode.  What an amazing episode, I can’t wait for season two!

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