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My Thoughts Plus Pictures And A Video From The Freedom Festival Fireworks 2018

So I went to see some fireworks last night in Oxford, AL.  And before I feature the video and pictures, a couple of thoughts.  The fireworks show was advertised to start at 9 pm.  When it got to 9 pm, there were no storms around, and the crowd was ready to see some fireworks.  Then 15 minutes passed, and I began to wonder what was going on?

Then we got to 35 minutes later with nothing going on.  This was when people were beginning to leave and some people around me were beginning to get angry.

There was really no excuse to make people sit there for over 30 minutes past the advertised start time.  This year the 4th of July was on a Wednesday, and that meant some had to get up early for work the next morning.  I would imagine there were a lot of sleepy people today.  Also, because of that delay, several businesses like fast-food joints never got to have the business they were wanting, costing them money.

Looking across the lake, it looked like the people hired by Oxford to shoot the fireworks were never prepared and ready.  I watched them with their flashlights scrambling after 9 pm.  This is not the first time there has been problems with professionals.  Two years ago, there was a major explosion and a good 10 minute pause in the middle of the fireworks show.  So, are these professionals not qualified or something?

Oxford, it’s time to speak some common sense and the truth, and I know there are some here in the Anniston / Oxford area who hates it when I speak the truth.  There was no excuse really to delay people like this over 30 minutes.  People lost sleep, businesses lost money, and here comes the solution.  Either hire some new professionals next year or go back to having the firefighters shooting off the fireworks.  Anyways, I am off my soapbox now.

Below is a video and pictures from the fireworks show, enjoy!

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