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Animation Monday: My Thoughts On Scoobynatural

Last Thursday, a normal episode from the show Supernatural from The CW became very interesting!  The show’s main characters, Sam, Dean and soon Castiel, are sucked through a TV into the classic cartoon Scooby Doo, Where Are You and the episode “A Night of Fright is No Delight.”  The thing is, this episode is going to be way different than the one in the original series!

The gang after meeting each other in a diner go to this creepy home and are challenged to spend the night there to win some money.  Sounds easy right?  I mean, worry about someone in a mask scaring people?  But, this ghost was very real!  And soon the gang discovers some people killed, I mean blood and death!  One was even beheaded, and this classic children’s cartoon takes a gruesome adult turn!

Along with the cuss words, and how the Scooby Doo Gang finally realize that ghosts and monsters are very real and they begin to freak out and get angry because its way cooler to seek them out instead of people in masks, the Scooby Gang and the Winchesters team up to stop the ghost.  But, it gets even weirder!  The Winchesters along with Castiel got the ghost to fool the Scooby Gang into thinking that the ghost was really a person wearing a mask, and the three are zapped back into the human world.

And my friends, this was a very amazing episode!  The worlds of Supernatural and Scooby Doo really do work well together!  There was plenty of great humor and storylines.  I loved how the Scooby Gang freaked out about how ghosts / monsters are really real.  And I loved how Sam and Dean worked with the Scooby Gang, along with that F*** right you can.  The animation was really well done and I loved every minute of this special episode.  This episode will become an instant cult classic and everyone should watch this!

Seriously, if you have not seen this, watch it now!  You can watch for free on The CW website at:

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