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Animation Monday: Welcoming National Cartoon Day

As some of you may know, I really love watching cartoons!  I had a very rough childhood where I was abused quite often.  I was kicked, punched, bullied, and locked away in my bedroom with an alarm on my door.  I could not wash my clothing or bedsheets, was starved, dealt with alcoholics, was homeless, and had to sit at a table with a camera watching me.  My childhood was an extreme wreck, and when I had a chance, watching cartoons was the one escape from my extremely rough childhood.  I could smile, laugh, and enjoy the hard work it took to write storylines, record voices, and animate frame by frame a cartoon.  Watching Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, or broadcast Saturday morning cartoons was one of the few highlights of my train wreck childhood.

Cartoons have come a very long way since they began back in the 1950s.  Those classic Mickey Mouse cartoons in black and white were awesome to watch!

The success of the early black-and-white cartoons led to the creation of Saturday morning cartoons on the broadcast networks.  Before cable got going, the only way to watch cartoons was to get up early on Saturday morning and watch them on your local broadcast channels.  Think about it, three different channels airing cartoons and kids programming at the same time one morning per week.  It was an awesome time to be a kid!

Then cable came along, and channels like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network allowed us to watch cartoons and kids programming 24 hours per day.  It could be late-night, and Cartoon Network was airing some cartoon you could enjoy!

And then the Internet got going, and sites like YouTube and Netflix now allows you to watch any cartoon you want on demand. Seriously, what an awesome time to be a cartoon fan!  Now, since I am a huge cartoon fan, I decided to start a social media page dedicated to cartoons!

National Cartoon Day will be celebrated every December 2nd.  Why that date you ask?  Because it’s in between the two major holidays, it’s cold outside so that means people are inside, and come on, people tend to think about cartoons more during the Christmas season, we love those animated Christmas specials!  National Cartoon Day will celebrate all forms of cartoons and animation.  From the cartoons you see on TV or on the Internet, cartoons in the movies, political and editorial cartoons, people who create fanart, animation in books including comic books, and pretty much anything animated.

So join us in celebrating everything animated!

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