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Recapping The Embarrassing 2017 The Atlanta Metro Faced

2018 is now here.  And people who live in the Atlanta metro are probably glad its a new year.  Tonight, Alabama and Georgia will face each other for the college football national championship.  Let’s pray nothing dramatically happens during that game!  Anyways, 2017 was a very rotten year for the Atlanta area.  Let’s run down some of the worst events the Atlanta area faced in 2017!

Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl Collapse

During the 2017 Super Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons had a very big lead during the third quarter.  And then, the collapse begin.  The New England Patriots mounted an incredible comeback to tie the game and go to overtime.  And then the Patriots won the coin toss, got a touchdown, and won the Super Bowl.  The people in Atlanta and Falcons fans were shell-shocked!  Their mouths were wide open because their football team mounted one of the biggest collapses in the history of sports.  How could the Atlanta Falcons blow such a large lead that late into the game?  It embarrassed Atlanta, and sadly it wasn’t the only collapse of the year.

I-85 Bridge Collapse

if you thought the Falcons collapse was big, get a load of this.  A couple of homeless people set a fire under an interstate overpass that caused the bridge to collapse.  To be fair, why was there flammable stuff under a major interstate artery and under a bridge?  The bridge collapse caused major traffic issues for the Atlanta metro.  People were stuck in long traffic jams, people had to endure the horror of carpooling, people had to sadly give up their cars to use mass transit.  It took a few months for the bridge to be rebuilt.  And when the interstate was reopened, people celebrated because they could drive in their own cars again!

I-20 Hole

The I-85 bridge collapse was not the only interstate disaster.  Along Interstate 20, a major hole blew open in the left lane near downtown.  People were shocked to see a major hole below open like something came out of the ground in the middle of the interstate.  This once again cause major traffic problems across Atlanta.  But thankfully, this was only a very short stretch of one lane that was affected.  The hole was quickly repaired and everything was back to normal.

Atlanta December Snow

In early December, parts of the Southeast got a rare heavy snow event.  Parts of Georgia received up to 1 foot of snow.  The heavy wet snow caused major traffic issues across the Atlanta metro along with major power outages.  And if you have lived in the south, you know that we are not equipped to deal with the snow.  When it snows, and causes the roads to ice over, people get stranded and stuck.  Simply, you just stay off the roads and stay home.  When the forecast calls for snow, you go to the store and grab what you need, and stay home until the roads become ice-free.  That’s living in the south for you!

Atlanta Airport Power Outage

In today’s digital world, you expect a constant power supply.  But, the Atlanta airport had a major power outage that lasted up to 12 hours.  This caused major airline descriptions around the United States.  I mean, why did the world’s busiest airport have no electricity for up to 12 hours?  That is beyond despicable!  Passengers got upset and angry, airlines lost millions of dollars, and Atlanta got embarrassed again!  How about some backup systems to make sure the world’s busiest airport does not lose power again!

Well Atlanta Metro, 2017 was the year you would love to forget!  It was a hard and weird year with lots of things going wrong.  But let’s hope 2018 is a better year for the Atlanta Metro!  I don’t think you want to get more people depressed!

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