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Good News Fridays: Fundraiser To Help Noel The Dog

This week, I am sharing a fundraiser to help a dog in need.  A dog named Noel was brought into the Cheaha Regional Humane Society on December 20th.  They assumed she was hit by a car which shattered her front leg leaving her in a tremendous amount of pain. Despite that, Noel never ceases to get up and greet the staff every time they visit her kennel. She has an enormous heart and soulful eyes that would penetrate even the coldest of hearts. This prompted the employees at Cheaha to contact the board president, Jane Cunningham, and their board vet, Dr. Clanton, to request something that is usually unheard of in the shelter world. A surgery to save not only her leg, but her life. In this situation, animals would usually be euthanized to end their suffering. But upon seeing her sweet face, they couldn’t say no. However, this surgery will be quite extensive and she will require medications, funds and resources that we simply do not have at their disposal.

They ask today that you open your heart and make a donation to help them save this beautiful, kind-hearted soul. No amount is too small. If you are uncomfortable donating through this page, donations may be made directly to Clanton Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, Al.  If you choose to donate directly, please tell them the money goes only to their efforts to save Noel’s leg so that they may keep a record to know when they reach their goal. They will also accept applications to foster Noel once she is able to leave the hospital so she may heal in a peaceful and comfortable environment (this will require a home check by a Cheaha staff member). Thank you in advance for any and all donations, and of course, Merry Christmas.

If you would like to donate to help Noel, go to:

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