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Aspie Food Reviews: McDonald’s Fresh Beef Burgers / Buttermilk Chicken Tenders

Time for another food review!  In the past few days, the local McDonald’s in my area finally made the switch to fresh never frozen beef in their larger bigger patties.  Ever since McDonald’s put out the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, their larger beef patties have been frozen like their little beef patties.  But, as tastes change and rivals like Wendy’s grill McDonald’s on social media for using frozen patties.  The fast-food chain had to make a big change!  Now, McDonald’s is making the switch to never frozen larger beef patties, and the change is very noticeable.

I got a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and got one for $1 off by using the McDonald’s app.  The burger comes wrapped in a special paper.  And right away you could notice the juices on the beef patty.  Way more juice on this never frozen patty versus their past frozen patties.  While waiting for my burger, I saw the employee put on those blue gloves and cook a Quarter Pounder beef patty after I ordered it.  In fact, there is a new computer screen installed right next to the grill so the employee knows when to cook a larger patty when a customer orders it.

As for the taste, WOW it was dang good!  This never frozen patty is way tastier with a great grilled flavor!  I kept getting juicy burger bites throughout the whole burger, and combined with the cheese and toasted bun, this new version of the Quarter Pounder with Cheese is a major hit with a huge flavor punch.  McDonald’s has done an amazing job with switching to the never frozen beef patties, and they better never go back to frozen beef patties for their larger burgers.  This tasty burger was only around $4, before the $1 off coupon.

I also got a chance to finally try their new Buttermilk Chicken Tenders.  McDonald’s released their revamped chicken tenders back in late 2017 and was a massive hit.  It was so popular they temporary sold out to make more of a supply.  Now, they are back and I got two chicken tenders for $2.  And man, McDonald’s has another massive hit with these chicken tenders!

The outside breading has a lot of spices and was very crunchy.  The inside was very juicy and you could tell it came from a real chicken breast and was not just mashed up together.  Anyways, the Buttermilk Chicken Tenders was very good!  Although, I do admit I could go to a Popeye’s, KFC, BoJangle’s, Zaxby’s, or other chicken chains where the chicken tenders are fresh never frozen, breaded and cooked up fresh at each restaurant.  But, some areas only have an McDonald’s, or it might be after hours when other places are closed.  I liked these chicken tenders, and you should too!

That’s my review!  You can watch my review as well below!

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