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The Real Stephen Colbert Came Back; Will It Last


Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, we got to see the classic Stephen Colbert who portrayed a character on the classic Comedy Central show The Colbert Report.  On the CBS show, you are seeing a real Stephen Colbert with a few funny bits like the Hungry For Power Games and Midnight Confessions, but ratings are having a hard time keeping up.

So I was thrilled when we saw Jon Stewart on the show last night.

Then we got to see the alter-ego character Stephen Colbert ride into the studio and bring back The Word.

And then we got to see a Hungry For Power Games segment where Stephen hijacked the Republican National Convention.

This is the Stephen Colbert I want to see!  After reading the reactions from others on social media last night, mostly everyone agrees, this Stephen Colbert needs to stick around, let’s hope that happens!  I liked the opening dance number too!

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