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Five Christmas Replacements For An Record Warmth Christmas 2015


Well, it is likely we will see many record highs fall across Alabama on Christmas 2015.  Yep, this is likely going to be the warmest Christmas in our lifetimes, unless an warmer planet means even an warmer Christmas in an later year.  Since there will be no cooler air around this Christmas, I thought I would do this post highlighting five alternatives you can do this Christmas.  Because let’s face it, hanging around an yule log or drinking hot chocolate will be something you won’t do this Christmas in the south!

Replacement for an yule log


With high temps and dewpoints meaning it feels like July instead of December, you would be stupid to light up an fire and do the traditional yule log.  Sure you can simply open an YouTube video of an yule log, but I have something better.  Just open up your freezer door, and make the ice dispenser the new tradition!  While your family unwraps their gifts, you can be amazed in seeing ice being made before your eyes.  And as an bonus, the cool air from the freezer can help keep your house cool!

Replacement for hot chocolate


With an extremely warm Christmas, drinking hot chocolate will only make you feel hotter.  So instead, break out the chocolate ice cream!  Everyone enjoys something chocolate during Christmas day, and hot chocolate is an popular option because it’s supposed to be cool during Christmas.  But because of the record warmth, hot chocolate will not be an option, so switch to something cooler like chocolate ice cream.  Something like chocolate milk could be another good option!  At least it will make you feel cooler!

Replacement for Christmas lights


With Christmas 2015 being super warm, having Christmas lights on will only make your house feel hotter.  And this year, I am sadly going to keep my Christmas lights off because it makes my place feel warmer.  So, what you can do to celebrate Christmas without having the lights on?  Get an computer or TV, find a video of a Christmas tree with lights, and put it next to the tree and click play.  It will give you the reminder of Christmas, without heating your house up.  And it will pray for a cooler Christmas next year.

Replacement for Christmas sweaters


Face it, you are not going to wear an Christmas sweater in an record temp Christmas, unless you crank your A/C temp way lower in your house to feel like Christmas.  So this year, ditch the Christmas sweaters and put them in your closet and hope you can actually wear them next year.  Instead, have everyone unwrap their Christmas gifts in their swimming trunks.  Because it’s going to feel like an beach outside this Christmas, you might as well dress like it!

Replacement for Christmas dinner


With it being record warm this Christmas, chances are you might not want to cook that massive Christmas meal, and heat up your house at the same time.  You probably had a good meal during Thanksgiving, why not try something different this Christmas?  Like going to an Chinese place for dinner?  Or enjoying TV dinners that create minimal warmth in your house?  Most of you probably needs to cut back on your calorie intake anyways this season.

So, those are some suggestions on celebrating Christmas 2015 during an record warmth year.  Try to survive it this year, because Mother Nature hopefully will bring us an more normal Christmas temperature wise next year.

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