Christmas Season Stuff

9 Days Left Until Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

9 Days Left Until Christmas

At The North Pole:

The elves and Santa Claus are still watching everybody even though we are close to Christmas!  If you do something very naughty, the elves will make sure you get plenty of coal for Christmas.  The North Pole still adds names to the naughty and nice list and moves the names around up to Christmas Eve, so stay nice!

Christmas Song:

All I Want for Christmas Is You is a song originally performed by American singer-songwriter Mariah Carey. It was released by Columbia Records as the lead single from her fourth studio album.  Let’s be honest, this is a great Christmas song!

Adult Gift Idea:

Glow In The Dark Ice Cream

Enjoy ice cream on a whole new level with a scoop of the glow in the dark ice cream.  Find at:

Child Gift Idea:

Tetris Lights

Light up your home with these Tetris lights that brightly glow when they are pieced together.  Find at:

Christmas Charity:


Hand In Paw uses professionally trained teams of handlers and their animals to help improve people’s day to day lives at numerous facilities throughout Central Alabama.  Learn more and donate at:

12 Days of Christmas:

On the 9th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, 9 Ladies Dancing.  The true cost for 2013, $7,552.84.

My Christmas Wish:

My only Christmas wish for 2013 is a job or income from Geek Alabama.  If you know of something e-mail me at [email protected]  View my visual resume below!


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