Tag: Christmas 2015

See The Videos Featuring Stuff I Sent To YouTube Friends During Christmas

Over the Christmas holidays, I sent some packages to some friends I know on YouTube.  Below are the videos the YouTubers did featuring the stuff I sent them!  I hope you enjoy […]

What I Got For Christmas 2015 / Five Things To Begin 2016

So this post is going to talk about what I got for Christmas 2015, and talk about my five things I plan on to begin 2016.  I also talked about this on […]

Five Christmas Replacements For An Record Warmth Christmas 2015

Well, it is likely we will see many record highs fall across Alabama on Christmas 2015.  Yep, this is likely going to be the warmest Christmas in our lifetimes, unless an warmer […]

The Things I Want For Christmas 2015

So, I have been thinking about what I want for Christmas this year?  I mean, my shopping for family, friends, and online people who follows me along is done and shipped out! […]

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