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Sunday Discussion: Talking About The Freedom Caucus And Punishing Those On Welfare

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This is a Sunday Discussion on a Tuesday!  Well, well, well.  I mean, what does the Freedom Caucus really believe in?  There are two house members from Alabama who are a part of the Freedom Caucus, and one of them named Mo Brooks is in the group.  Mo Brooks is the representative in the Huntsville area, where there are thousands of government jobs related to NASA and the US Military.  So far, the Freedom Caucus wants the government to be cut by a huge amount, and it’s puzzling to see those people from Huntsville vote for someone who wants to eliminate their jobs.  Anyways, on to this post.

The Freedom Caucus almost succeeded in shutting down the government last September, but to prevent the shutdown the Speaker of the House resigned, and it looks like Paul Ryan will become the next Speaker.  I have been reading the visions from the Freedom Caucus, and it blows my mind!  For starters, they want to cut Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security in order to raise the debt limit which is coming in early December.  So, let’s screw the poor only to allow those on Wall Street to continue to get those huge kickbacks and golden parachutes.

Another thing the Freedom Caucus would want is a HUGE cutback in the federal government size.  Heck, they would also love it to see certain departments like the Department of Education be cut out forever.  For starters, there has to be some standards that the kids have to learn.  It should not become a state free for all where one state has one set of standards and the neighboring state has another set of standards, it would not work out very well.  Before I go further, the Freedom Caucus needs to read this infographic below; these are the people who would rather support the top 1 percent versus the bottom 20 percent.


As you can see, this above infographic was made by someone who is supporting Bernie Sanders.  Would you like to know why many millennials are supporting him?  Because they have been screwed in this post-recession economy.  They went to college, acquired student loan debt, and many have been left with absolutely nothing!  No jobs, no income, no ways to payoff their debt, and still living with their mom and dad.  Yes, the economy is slowly getting better, and some millennials are getting back on their feet, but many are still left behind.  I have to wonder how many younger people and millennials support the Freedom Caucus, because the number is not very high!

I hope the Freedom Caucus sees fewer and fewer members, and some have left the group.  But, I am afraid you will see more joining the group because many house districts across America are gerrymandered, many for the Republicans.  And with the continue rise of right-wind websites, talk radio shows, and social media sites, I am afraid you will have many more House members joining this extreme right-wing group that would rather ruin the United States other than making sure those who are well-off not being allowed to continue to screw the rest of us.  I have a suggestion to those on the Freedom Caucus, quit drinking those tea leaves!

Do you people on the Freedom Caucus see what is going on in other countries on planet Earth?  Let me help you!  Canada just elected a prime minister who is left-leaning, Australia just saw a prime minster replacement, and many other industrialized countries have a lot more going for its citizens than what you see in the United States.  For example, the United States does not paid family leave for families having a new baby, which mostly every other country on Earth has already!  Many other countries have governments and leaders who believes the planet is getting worse because of climate change, those on the Freedom Caucus would rather ignore and just leave it up to some imaginary God.  You see the point, the Freedom Caucus are people who are cry babies who would rather hoard the money and power rather than making sure everyone has a fair and equal chance to succeed in America.

Guess what Freedom Caucus, unless you decide to change, you will be seeing a female being president in the White House, and it won’t be the failed HP businesswoman.  So, quit reading the right-wing websites, turn off the right-wing talk radio shows, and unplug from those right-wing social media sites, and listen to the majority of those who wants the same rights other people get in most other industrialized countries on Earth.  You say you represent the people in your district, I would rather see Mickey Mouse represent me!

And I decided to lump two different post into one, because the Freedom Caucus is not the only thing I am worried about.  I find this story as disturbing and something I find wrong with America, seeing certain people who has this “my way or the highway attitude.”  Or certain people who think anyone who is poor or struggling are people who are lazy or are bums.  I mean, before I go further, I am on the food stamps or SNAP program, and I am starting to collect Social Security Disability checks, because I really do have an disability, Asperger’s Syndrome or high functioning autism.  So, do you think I am a lazy bum?  I know I am not!

A mayor up in Maine wants to submit a bill in the next legislative session that would require the state to publish everyone who is getting any type of welfare, from SNAP, social security, and other welfare programs.  The proposal would publish the names, addresses, the length of time on assistance, and the benefits being collected.  Heck, you might as well also publish the mugshots of people, because what is being proposed here is pretty much the same thing you see when someone is arrested for breaking a crime.

But, people who are arrested made the choice to break the crime and land in jail.  People who are accepting any welfare money don’t have a choice, unless they want to starve and/or be homeless.  The mayor of Lewiston, Maine, who is named Robert Macdonald, thinks doing something like this would make people who are poor think twice before applying to welfare.  So, I guess mayor you are wanting poor people to continue to struggle, starve, or remain homeless, is that right mayor?   Or are you one of those sweet tea Tea Party drinkers who thinks anyone poor is evil or lazy?

Guess what mayor; publicly shaming poor people for accepting welfare is a very poor and ugly thing to do.  It shows the real side of a person who thinks poor people are evil things.  Creating a website listing everyone, including their addresses, will force people into bad situations, including having some poor people being harassed because people know where they live.  I guess the mayor, and the people who are on his side, are wanting to go to each address listed and shame poor people, what an wonderful thing to do, not!

This is going to the extreme from those people, who are mostly extreme right wingers, who wants to know where all taxpayer money is going.  I mean, a very small percentage of all taxpayer money is going to those who are poor and needs programs like SNAP to survive.  If you really want to get angry, you will love to know that a lot of the taxpayer money is going to things like the military!  So, if you want to cut budgets to save taxpayer money, why not start with things eating up the budgets, like the military or corporate kickbacks, instead of shaming those you needs the help!

But why I am even talking about this?  Because no matter what I do, or what the other people do, you pretty much can’t convince those that thinks all poor people are evil to drop the argument that welfare should not exist.  What if these same people became poor themselves, I am sure their attitudes would change pretty quick!

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