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Enjoy Nathan’s Spooky Halloween 2015 Video And Post


It’s the Halloween season!  And this post I am participating in a special YouTube collaboration called the #YTCM Halloween Collab.  You can see all the different videos on the playlist by clicking:  Or view below!

But, this post will be about my video, Nathan’s Spooky Halloween 2015 video!  You can enjoy the spooky stories and Halloween crafts below as a video, or read them below the video!

Welcome to Nathan’s spooky Halloween 2015!  I am going to tell four short spooky Halloween stories!  Then show you a quick Halloween craft you can make!  The first spooky story involves my apartment living.  Up until this October, things have been peaceful, then all Hell began to break loose.  First, new neighbors moved in above me.  They are not like the past folks, because these people are the loudest people you have ever heard!

They stomp, kick, beat down on the floor all of the time, as well as being loud.  You can hear all of the stomps and floor cracks below you, and it begins to be very annoying.  Soon, you can’t take it anymore, and you begin to scream!  Nothing has been done to stop this, and you begin to freak out.  If that was not enough, the neighbors next to you also scream like a high horse!  It does not matter if it’s midnight or early morning, you hear non-stop screaming and you can’t do anything to stop it!  Of course it gets worse!

Right outside your front door is a HUGE trail of fire ants.  You can’t do anything about it because if you want to do a simple thing like locking your door, you risk being stung, OUCH!  Yep, apartment living has gone to hell in a span of a few short weeks!  Now, onto the craft.  I made a pretzel stick house and used icing to glue the sticks together.  I then used gummy bears to represent the very rude neighbors, and red gummy bears in front to represent the fire ants.  Then I used some pizza dough and icing to represent me, screaming!

stuff 4 008

Onto the second story!  I am a popular and well-known blogger in Alabama.  And it means I talk about things that some don’t want to read, like corrupt politics!  I talk about politicians who have 20+ corruption charges, and the next thing I know I am being bashed on social media and on the right-wing talk shows.  You can read the comments online, or listen to others bashing you on talk radio, and there is nothing you can do to stop it!

You defend yourself on social media, and the bashing gets worse.  You try to call into those talk radio shows, but no one takes your call!  Soon, the bashing and nagging gets to a point where you just want to scream!  But what are you going to do, let corrupt people get away, or talk about what should be corrected?  To represent this story, I made sugar cookies with a Alabama state outline.  After baking, I used icing to draw the Alabama heart of dixie, then drew some blood lines!

stuff 4 007

Onto the third spooky story!  You live in Anniston, Alabama, and there are some not so good things about this town!  For starters, the FBI has ranked Anniston as one of the most dangerous places in Alabama and America!  Good luck walking around after sunset, and carry a big stick to defend yourself!  Another sad statistic is the one saying Anniston is one of the worst economic regions of the United States.  You enjoy seeing the multiple run down and closed down buildings!

And since you can’t find anything to do, good luck getting around those who sell illegal drugs to make a living!  If you think things can get worse, than yes it can!  The city government loves to steal and take things from others.  For example, the city stole my photos for a TV commercial and did not give me any credit, scream!  Yeah, what a horror story!  To represent this, I baked pizza dough, put in a lot of holes after baking, used icing to put it together, and put candy in the middle to represent a run-down house.

stuff 4 009

One more spooky story!  You are such well-known around here, so much so there are some who would wish you would stay away and just disappear!  Try to cover an event and you are threatened with a police call and pushed out the door!  While walking on the side of the road, people call the police on you for nothing!  And go to any church and many will push you out the door.  It’s the worst horror story, always looking behind your back to make sure you are safe!

To represent this, I got a cheap Halloween bucket, used orange duct tape, and use a marker to try some Halloween decorations!

stuff 4 003stuff 4 004

Well, I hope you have a good Halloween!  It has to be a lot better than my October!  Thanks for reading!

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