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Thoughts About Fear The Walking Dead S1 Finale / The Walking Dead S6 Premiere


This post is going to talk about plenty of zombies on The Walking Dead.  But first, I wanted to talk about the Fear the Walking Dead season finale.  I wrote about how stale the first episodes were in this new series, but the last two episodes turned it around for me!  I mean, the military capturing people and killing innocent people was ugly.  But leaving people behind because things were getting out of hand was even uglier!

zombie 1

Anyways, I am glad to see the zombie herd locked inside an arena let out, and attacking the military compound and eating the army alive!  The last 10 minutes was hard to watch, as a nurse had to be shot in the head by Travis, and seeing his emotion after killing someone, welcome to the zombie afterlife!  It looks like they will be getting onto a boat and going somewhere away from LA.    Season two will be entirely shot in Vancouver, Canada.  So I guess the boat will take them to a setting like Vancouver?  I guess we will wait and see!

walking dead 2

Season two of Fear The Walking Dead will air in Spring 2016, and we will also get a Talking Dead after each episode!  Enough FTWD talk, let’s talk about its big brother, The Walking Dead.  Last weekend was the season six premiere, and the episode was something way different.  The episode featured the Alexandria gang building a walled road to lead thousands of zombies away from a quarry.  There were plenty of flashbacks in the episode, done all in black and white which gave it the horror touch, I loved it!  So, what are the three things to learn from this episode?

Daryl is a badass

I loved seeing Daryl leading the zombie herd down the road on a motorcycle.  You knew they would have to include a shot like this below!

walking dead 1

The people in Alexandria are screwed

In the episode, you saw how the Alexandria residents building the wall were scared of defending themselves from the zombies.  And it took Rick, Daryl, and Morgan to kill the zombies.  Like in the comics, I think a lot of residents in Alexandria will be soon eaten alive.

walking dead 3

The Wolves wants Alexandria gone

In the last few minutes, someone begins to blow a loud car horn, and suddenly the zombies go off roading, and start heading towards the source of the car horn, through the woods.  Of course you see a sign for the Alexandria neighborhood, and you immediately know that Alexandria is screwed.  Like in the comics, Alexandria will soon be overrun by zombies!

walking dead 4walking dead 5

So, over the course of season six, I think you will see the Alexandria neighborhood overrun by the undead.  And just like in the season premiere, the Alexandria residents will be picked off one of one, until there are few to none left.  I also wonder which major characters will die this season?  This will be a rocking season six!

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