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TV Review: Fear The Walking Dead

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So the spinoff of the very popular series The Walking Dead is off and running.  In Fear The Walking Dead, we see what happens when the zombie apocalypse starts in southern California.  Since we are four episodes in, I want to talk about my thoughts so far.

The first two episodes were basically getting introduced to the family, and seeing the very beginning of everything hitting the fan.  School gets cancelled, and everyone is blaming a virus outbreak for people dying then becoming zombies.  Come on, do you know how to kill zombies?  Shoot them in the head, not in the mid section.  Who would want to be out in a middle of riot, with zombies eating people alive?  Seeing the police and other people being eaten by zombies was not a surprise, because these people don’t know what is coming.  But don’t worry, the US Military is coming to the rescue!

Episode three sees the parents escaping the riots.  And I could tell that not everything was not shot in Los Angeles, some of this was shot in Vancouver.  Look at the traffic lights!  Everyone becomes acquainted with the zombies, I mean shoot that zombie lady through the fence already!  The family did not have the guts, the military did.  And so far, the best performances have to come from that Hispanic family, and that kid, who knows what is going on.  Anyways, the military comes in, and creates fenced off zones to keep the healthy people inside and safe.

Outside the fence, it’s a whole another world!  It’s so empty that the military leader can practice his golf swing!  Who cares where the golf ball lands and breaks something.  I think you can tell with only two episodes left that the military fenced off safe zone is not going to survive.  And by the end of season one, everyone is going to be scrambling.  But, I don’t predict what happens on The Walking Dead very well, and I would not be surprised if everyone stays in that safe zone, and much of the military gets eaten alive.  Or something else is going to happen, but I want one thing!

I want more zombie gruesome eating people alive action!  The first two episodes were kind of lackluster, the third episode picked up the zombie action, and the fourth episode was okay if you enjoyed seeing dead zombies and people lying around.  Other than the acting, I watch The Walking Dead for the zombies, and them killing off other people.  We have not seen that much yet on Fear The Walking Dead.  I hope that changes very soon!  Judging by how this franchise works, the season finales are usually very epic.  And I am hoping the season one finale of Fear The Walking Dead will be epic, with zombie killing action!


I have not given up on Fear The Walking Dead yet.  I understand what the creators and writers are doing, showing what happens when civilization is ending and zombies takes over everything.  There is no way the US Military can save the world, they will soon be doomed!  Come of Fear The Walking Dead, bring me zombies that kills off a major character action!  That is all I want!  I will give you until the end of the first season to deliver on that promise!

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