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Movie Review: Grim Reapers Alabama Movie

Geek Alabama Movie Review

Recently, the folks who made the movie Grim Reapers sent me a DVD to review the movie.  The entire movie was shot in Alabama in and around Russellville.  The movie was written, directed, and produced by Russellville native Cade Saint.  And as you can guess, the movie is a horror/thriller movie around Halloween.  Before I get into the details of the movie, watch the movie trailer below!

The movie features talent from Alabama.  The stars are Andrew Wilson Williams and Ryan Patrick Williams who are brothers in Baldwin County.  The beginning features their father who sees a spooky person on Halloween night.  Oh, don’t mind the spooky creature with weird hands!  The father gets so spooked out that he goes into the woods to search for this creature, but is never seen again!  The kids are of course freaked out, and the scene where the younger brother is cussing out the older brother was interesting.  All throughout the movie, I had to wonder where were the parents at!

I mean the father was gone, and when you see the younger brother hitchike in the rain to his death, you know it’s time for better parents!  Anyways, the older brother goes to the father’s house, and is joined by two friends.  They sit around and talk, but soon the same spooky creature terrorizes the three people.  One of the friends goes out to a barn in the woods, and is soon wounded by the creature.  I loved the scene where the creature had his blade up to the chin of the person wounded.  Then the girl in the group is stabbed and killed in the basement, and soon the older brother is gone as well.

The thing I did not like was the few effects showing the killings.  The older brother just said “don’t hurt my older brother” before the creature’s hand was put over his face.  The best killing had to be the girl being killed, I would have love to see more graphic killing of this person.  And the other friend in the barn died after the older brother came to the barn, the most common movie scene in history.  Die after someone you love sees you for the last time.  Now, the movie only had a budget of $25,000, so I will give them a pass on the killing scenes.  I am sure they would have stepped up the killings if the budget was bigger!

The part of the movie I had the most troubles with was the lack of pace.  The first 10 minutes features very few words being said.  And up until the last 1/3rd of the movie, you don’t find a lot of action.  Sure, the acting could be better at some scenes, but this is a low-budget horror movie.  I thought the acting was good enough, and you will enjoy the last 1/3rd of this movie, when the creppy person thing goes on his killing rampage.  And after the older brother and the two friends is killed off, what happens to the younger brother, well watch and see what happens.  I would also loved to see more of the creature, and his face!

When I watch a horror movie, I want killing, the more graphic the better.  While others are holding their eyes shut or covering their faces, I am sitting there munching on some popcorn and rooting on the bad guy!  That’s who I am.  In Grim Reapers, you don’t get a lot of bad guy action, but plenty of teasers.  There’s only so many times you can move the shower curtain, or slam the door, to get the audience’s attention.  I wanted more gruesome action, and I got some at the end, but not in the first 2/3rds of the movie.  If anything, I would have loved to see the death of the father!


Anyways, Grim Reapers did a good job for the low budget they had!  Remember, this was not a million dollar Hollywood produced movie, it was just a low budget film made by people getting into the movie business.  To sum things up, Grim Reapers was good for people getting their feet wet in filmmaking.  If you want to support a good horror/thriller movie made and shot in Alabama, by people living in Alabama, give Grim Reapers a shot!

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