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TV Review: Naked Vegas on Syfy Channel

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Just in time for Halloween 2013, Syfy Channel premiered a new TV show that takes body art to a whole new level.  Naked Vegas takes place in the Sin City, Las Vegas, and shows the Naked Vegas Team using body paint to create interesting pieces of artwork, all on a human body that is naked, almost.  Before the body painting begins, the models do use special tape to cover the genitals.  But the rear end is still exposed just like in that other show Naked and Afraid.

The first episode introduced the five artists which includes Kelly “Red” Belmonte, Wiser Oner, Heather Aguilera, Drew Marvick, and Nicholas “Nix” Herrera from Syfy’s hit series Face Off, I love that show!  The crew specializes in painting bodies for different shows and events — “when casinos, clubs, events, conventions, celebrities, magicians, fashion designers — or anyone in between — wants to throw a memorable opening.”  You could say this show is somewhat connected to Face Off because it features transforming average people into unique creatures, just without the judging and eliminations. 

On the first episode, the crew does paintings replicating a lingerie designer’s wares and paintings for a zombie themed wedding at a haunted house.  The women for the lingerie event were painted beautifully, but the crew almost got derailed when they did not cover enough of the girl’s breast.  The venue at this event prohibits most of a women’s breast being exposed and they had to use more coverings.  Yes, there was some drama which I thought went a little overboard but at the end, the girls were painted almost like they were wearing actual lingerie.

The second part of the episode featured a zombie wedding, all done with body paint.  One question, why would the groom actually joke about having his former girlfriend’s name actually tattooed on his body?  To that guy, get that tattoo taken off!  There were also some challenges involving whether things look right, and making the deadline for the wedding.  The crew had to paint an entire wedding party and it can take up to eight hours to paint just one person!  They made the bride and groom really beautiful!  And the entire wedding party acted like they were really zombies!

Yes, the show does challenge the fact about the models being naked.  Sure, some people are afraid about being naked in public with a bunch of body paint on them.  But once the transformations are complete, the people are really impressed and any body issues disappear.  You get to see that with the bride and groom, they were afraid about being naked at a wedding, but at the end, they were ready to walk the Las Vegas Strip!  And you will not see any real nudity on the show since body tape is used.  If you are afraid of seeing a person’s buttocks, than this show is not for you.  

At the end, the artists on the show do a really good job with the body art.  I thought the first episode had a little too much drama.  They should have focused on the body art process a little more.  The models and artists were really proud of the designs and the models lose any issues about being naked once they see the final designs.  Sadly, you will only see body painting like this in Las Vegas, if this was done in Alabama, everyone would be persecuted and thrown into jail quickly.

Naked Vegas airs new episodes on Tuesday nights at 10 pm Eastern / 9 pm Central.  Learn more about Naked Vegas at:  Follow them on Facebook at:

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