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Debtor’s Prison And Banning Mini-Skirts, What The Hell Is Happening In Tallapoosa County


So what is going on in Tallapoosa County?  I mean, what the Hell is going on?  You have one city being sued because they immediately place people in jail if they can’t pay their fines, or a debtor’s prison.  In another city, they are wanting to ban a wide variety of clothing options, and this has of course made national news.  Let’s start with Dadeville, who is considering an ordinance that would ban saggy pants.  I mean, saggy pants are not appropriate, but the city council thinks that women should also be included in this ordinance.  So the ordinance would also ban mini skirts, short shorts, or any other reveling clothing.

One city council member actually said that “God Would Not Go Around With Pants Down.”  Guess what, God also does not want governments telling their citizens what to wear.  This is a very slippery slope, and will probably lead to a lawsuit that the city will have to spend taxpayer dollars to defend.  For example, Dadeville is along Lake Martin, and if someone who is in a car towing a boat is wearing a bathing suit, are the police going to ticket that person as inappropriate clothing?  Or will the police ticket a high school cheerleader because they wear short skirts?  Come on Dadeville, you should have better things you need to be doing, like trying to generate economic development!  Dadeville and Alexander City have high unemployment and poverty rates, thanks to job losses.

Admit it, Dadeville just wants to control their people, almost like the equivalent of Sharia Law.  If you ban saggy pants and short shorts, what’s next?  Requiring women to wear long skirts so men aren’t attracted to women?  Or banning men from going shirtless?  Or making everyone wear those long swimming suits from the early 1900’s?  Man those were some ugly swimming suits!


Hey Dadeville, you have some better things you need to be doing, drop this before you become the laughing stock of America!  Now onto Alexander City, who was sued by the SPLC for operating a debtor’s prison, which should be outlawed in America!  The SPLC sued Alex City because they have maintained a modem-day debtors’ prison that targets the poor, keeping residents in jail because they are unable to immediately pay fines and court costs.  In a SPLC press release, they explain the process.  After appearing in court, people are taken into a room where police are waiting. They are asked if they are able to take care of the entire amount at that time.  If they can’t, they are immediately arrested and hauled downstairs to jail.

Those in that situation must remain in jail and are credited at a rate of $20 per day toward their debt – or $40 per day if appointed as a jail trustee to do jobs such as laundry, cleaning and washing police cars.  As of now, the SPLC and Alexander City are trying to settle this case.  And while they talk, the city will not jail anyone who can not afford to pay fees.  I mean, set them up on a payment plan or have them do community service, don’t just haul them to jail because of lack of money, this should be not happening in the United States today!

So come on Dadeville, Alexander City, and Tallapoosa County.  What the Hell is going on?  Get some common sense into you!

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