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Why Having A Fall Break For Schools Is The Best Thing Ever


Let the debate begin once again!  Schools across Alabama and the south are already in session.  But, there are some out there who thinks schools are starting too early, and delaying them will mean more tax revenue because people are going to the beach.  I mean, Alabama tried this before.  A few years ago, the legislature passed a bill forcing schools to delay their first day of classes until closer to Labor Day.  The thinking was by delaying classes, people would spend more money in tourist areas (the beach), and it would create more tax revenue for the state.

Well, that idea fell flat and hard!  For starters, the state did not see much of an increase of tax revenue when they forced schools to delay their first day of class.  And second, this created a major problem for schools during severe weather.  With less time to schedule weather days, whenever schools had to be closed because of snow or tornado damage, schools did not have the days necessary to make up the lost time.  And because of this, the legislature had to come back to pass a bill to allow schools to not make up the lost days whenever the governor declared a state of emergency.

So, let the debate about when schools should start begin, once again!  Rep. Craig Ford from Gadsden wrote an op-ed saying that the legislature should thumb their noses in school systems once again and force them to not start until a certain date.  Ford wrote that a shorter Summer break means kids don’t have as much time for camps, or families don’t have time for vacations, teachers don’t have time for professional development, and the biggie, the state fails to generate enough tax revenue.  Why has everything have to revolve around tax revenue in Alabama.  Oh that’s right, the state is facing a $200 million General Fund deficit while the legislatures clowns down in Montgomery are too busy catering to the tea party.

I for one thinks starting schools in early to mid August is a good thing.  For starters, I know of many families who HATE the hot Summer heat with so much mugginess that you can’t stand it.  The big reason why many school systems start school earlier, is because they can allow for a Fall break in October.  Think about this, would you rather take a vacation where you will be spending most of your time outdoors in August, where it’s 100 degrees with unbearable humidity.  Or in October with comfortable temperatures with no humidity.  I for one would take the vacation in October!  And besides, families are ready for school to start!  They have already had time for vacations, the parents wants their kids out of the house!

And if the clowns running the circus show down in The Gump thinks forcing schools to start later is a good thing, many parents will still take that vacation in October, and who cares about the schoolwork, because their kids will miss it!  School systems across Alabama already hates being told what to do by the circus performers.  This is one issue that should die, and for good!  Yes, it is still hot in August, but I would not want my children outside in the 100 degree heat on a vacation, it is unbearable!  I would rather have a good time with my family without having to worry about the unbearable heat.  And this is why school systems have a Fall break!

Maybe Alabama needs to quit worrying about its tourism industry, and instead worry about finding a way to reform our stupid tax code.  This Flexible School Calendar Act thing was one of the stupidest things to pass out of Montgomery, and it should stay six feet under.  I want my Fall break, and many parents out there wants it too!

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