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Yes, There Is A GoFundMe Page To Solve The Alabama General Fund Crisis


Yes, Alabama State Senator Paul Sanford has set up a GoFundMe page as a way to help solve Alabama’s General Fund crisis.  The goal is only a short $300 million, and as of this writing, only around $500 has been raised.  This is what Sen. Sanford said on the GoFundMe page.

The State of Alabama is experiencing tight financial times and needs your help. Legislators are debating possible financial solutions but are finding that Raising Taxes are not wanted by the citizens of Alabama. Rather than have the Government come after your hard earned money you can now send an amount that fits your budget, even request where your money be used.

You can determine what functions of Government are a priority to you.

The amount raised so far has not been the most interesting part about this GoFundMe page.  It has been the comments people have left on this page, and some of the comments are funny!  I think people have come to realize that our legislative process in Alabama is a very bad joke.  And they are getting tired of the clowns down in Montgomery not doing the right things to fix this problem.  Here are some of the comments I have enjoyed!  If you want to donate or leave a comment, go to:  http://www.gofundme.com/sjnad935

Don’t like seeing your state government begging for money on a site created for people in real need? Next year, vote Democratic.

I’m fact, raise my property taxes. You could double it, and we still would be the lowest in the country. Just do anything else but cut funding for the poor, old, and education. Seems an easy request.

I can’t believe people are actually donating to these crooks. It’s not our fault as tax payers that the state government can’t mange it’s money. Maybe you should get with the times and stop living in the fairytale bible belt and legalize/tax marijuana and pass the lottery . Instead you want more money from tax payers. Pleeeaasseee. Smfh.

This is pathetic. Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and more tax dollars will roll in to the coffers.

This is why Alabama is considered a joke. Stop making us look bad.

Lets see, the reason that we have a budget crisis is because our legislators have not done there jobs.There are many revenue streams that could solved the current budget crisis, but Jesus wouldn’t like it. Apparently, all legislators gain the ability to read Jeusus’ mind. No matter what you “were trying to prove” this is low class and unbefitting a me.mber of the Alabama legislature

I’d rather you just raise my taxes…. and quit giving tax breaks to new businesses coming to Alabama.

Mr. Sanford, I doubt that half the citizens of this state or the rest of the country will get your “point” … This is a badly conceived idea and would probably look better for you to take this down before it makes the national media. Alabama does not need this to add to our reputation as one of the worst states in the Union in which to live or make any kind of progress.

Sanford is some kind of clown who thinks it’s funny that he and others in Montgomery are too inept to do their jobs.

Pathetic to say the least. Give more tax breaks to corporations that send our jobs over seas. Good to see you are striving for a 3rd world country economy.

I would donate the money I saved up over the last year for (fun money) but I spent it last month in Mississippi at the casino.. Sorry it couldn’t stay in Alabama..

This is the 7th special session in 10 years at a cost of $400,000 per session. A super majority Republican State legislature and State Senate have accomplished very little this past session, but found time to name a crustacean and dessert. It is time to end this do nothing monoloply and elect candidates from the Constitution Party. The democrats started this reckless spending and the republicans are just continuing the tradition.

I trust you to transfer my donation to the ETF. Perhaps if the Timber industry in our state (most who don’t live in AL)were asked to pay equivalent taxes as other states, you would have a good chunk of the needed $300 mil by the next day.

it’s more than obvious that you have a revenue problem. it’s even more obvious that you lack the gravitas to suggest raising taxes. i suggest that you grab a KFC bucket and find a busy highway offramp. you’ll have better luck there.

If Alabama had the lottery or legalized marijuana maybe the state would not have money problems. I know they take plenty out of my husband’s and I paycheck every week.

I am grateful to live in the great blue state of California where our Democratic legislators and governor know how to govern. California has a surplus; we are thriving. Nobody likes taxes but they are a necessity of government. Republicans slash taxes for the rich leaving huge deficits, slashing basic services like education.

So disappointed seeing things like a lottery, legalized marijuana, and a cigarette tax ruled out and then begging its citizens (whom already pay taxes) to fund the Alabama state government. Please take this as a notice on who you’ll vote for in the next state election.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put the current tax code in the trash!! It is a 19th century antique which so clearly does NOT work in a 21st century world. DItto the state constitution. Both of these are holding ALL of us back. The tax code doesn’t adequately fund ANYTHING. Our current situation is PROOF that the taxes we are paying are far too low since NO PART of state and local functions have adequate funding – not the schools, not the roads, not even our first responders. If we want the federal government out of state affairs we need to pull up our big boy pants and pay for things ourselves. Budgets have already been cut to the breaking point. Its time for everyone to put more money into the budget through taxes. Its a simple fact you don’t get what you don’t pay for!

WOW! My 8 year old can budget better than you people in office! This state needs the lottery for the extra funding to schools, medicare etc. It’s not rocket science!!! Thanks for making Alabama look Stupid Idiot!!!!!

LOL!! Someone please tell me this is some sort of cruel joke? And we wonder why the rest of the world thinks we are all idiots

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