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9 Reasons You Should File Your Taxes with An Expert

Tax season is right around the corner and requires ample preparation. Yet, many people wait until the last minute to file, leading to a whole host of problems. However, filing early includes […]

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Sunday Discussion: Alabama Is Closing Things Down, Thanks To ALFA Insurance

Hey Alabama, what do you have cooking?  Or, what do you have in the terms of natural beauty and ways to allow people to drive and vote?  Because starting now, Alabama is […]

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Yes, There Is A GoFundMe Page To Solve The Alabama General Fund Crisis

Yes, Alabama State Senator Paul Sanford has set up a GoFundMe page as a way to help solve Alabama’s General Fund crisis.  The goal is only a short $300 million, and as of […]

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Confused With The Affordable Care Act, Let The Dannon Project Help You

Here is something to think about during the 2014 Christmas season.  Do you have health insurance?  And if you don’t, do you want to pay the federal government $325 or two percent of […]

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Why Taxes On Olympic Medals And Winnings Is Wrong

Imagine yourself at the Sochi Winter Olympic games.  You just made history, and won a gold medal in the event you are participating in.  When you get back home to America, you […]

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The T-SPLOST Vote in Georgia

Today in Georgia is election day for municipal races.  But in the state another vote is taking place that could change the road landscape of Metro Atlanta and Georgia.  Voters in Georgia will vote […]

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