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Check Out Nerdish By Nature’s Campaign Called The 90 Day Resume / Go Bigger Or Go Home


The YouTube channel NerdishByNature has a big issue going on.  You see, one of the people on the channel named Sara Parker has less than 90 Days to find a new company to take over her Visa as a video producer or raise half a million dollars to found a company in the US.  Sara is in the US on a H1B work visa. This visa can be extended for another 3 years, however her current company is discontinuing the video producer position, meaning, she must find a new company that takes over her visa and helps her with a Green Card.

The second option would be an investor visa which would help her and her husband named Jurre van Herwijnen who is on a H4 Visa that doesn’t allow him to work, at all, to found a Production Company in the US and employ 10 legal Permanent Residents and/or of course American Citizens.  Sara has started a new website called the 90 Day Resume at:  Here is her talking about this in a video.

Sara has a degree in Computer Science, has worked for plenty of places, and is very good at making videos and on social media.  She also makes costumes and does photography.  They already have the equipment to start out a company, they both speak English and their Native Languages (German and Dutch), they love the US, they pay taxes, they spend their money here in the US, most of their friends are here in the US and their target market is here. They want to stay here and work. And you can help make this happen.  Learn more about this campaign and see Sara’s resumes at:

And help out on their Go Fund Me campaign at:

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