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My Anti BreitBart Liberal Snowflake Halloween Costume

So for the first time in a long time, I decided to dress in a Halloween costume.  And since I get harassed on social media quite a bit because of my views, […]

Watch Adam Savage Go Incognito At Comic Con With Chris Hadfield And Alton Brown

So every year at Comic Con, Adam Savage from Tested and Mythbusters walks the floors of Comic Con in some kind of costume to fool the people!  And this year, Adam teamed up with two […]

10 Safety Tips For A Safe Halloween Night 2014

UPDATE: This is a post I share annually, to make sure kids and adults are safe while out on Halloween night! Halloween 2014 is tonight!  And many kids are just daydreaming in school […]

10 Safety Tips For A Safe Halloween Night

Halloween 2013 is just around the corner.  And many kids are just daydreaming about the candy they will get when they go trick-or-treating on Thursday night.   So before you send your kids […]

Halloween ComicFest This Weekend

This weekend (October 26-27) is Halloween Comicfest.  This event is run by the same folks who do Free Comic Book Day.  Did you know that your local comic book specialty shop is […]

TV Reviews: Heroes of Cosplay / Cutthroat Kitchen

It seems like every week there’s some new TV shows premiering on TV.  So for this week’s Geek Alabama TV reviews, let’s talk about Heroes of Cosplay on Syfy and Cutthroat Kitchen on […]

Costume Show at the Alabama Phoenix Festival 2013

This year, there were many entries into the costume show!  Since there were so many entries, the judging took longer than usual and the costume show did not get started until around […]

Halloween Safety Tips 2012

It’s that time of the year!  Tonight many kids will be going house-to-house and collecting that candy!  Trick-or-Treating is something kids look forward too each year!  I am even sure the kids are mostly […]

Extra Scenes From the Alabama Phoenix Festival

I still have more posts to go from the Alabama Phoenix Festival.  In fact I am converting another video right now for a future post.  But this old computer is taking its […]

Costumes at Alabama Phoenix Festival

It felt so good to sleep in on this Memorial day.  I have many more posts to go from the Alabama Phoenix Festival.  I have to say the people who wore costumes […]

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