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Sunday Discussion: Why We Need To Revamp The 12th Grade

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On this Sunday Discussion, I wanted to talk about something that might need to change. You see, public schooling today goes from Pre-K, all the way through the 12th grade. Yes, starting school in the Pre-K is very important! Kids that young can soak up the knowledge they are being taught, and by the time the same kids are in 12th grade, they are probably only thinking about the high school football team, who they will go out with on prom, and which college they are going too after graduating.

But, with funding for public schools becoming harder to get, thanks to folks from the Tea Party wackos who thinks all taxes are evil, schools are having a harder time paying their bills, and it results in schools being closed down, less and overcrowded classrooms, less funds for textbooks and class supplies, and fewer teachers to teach the kids. So, if funding for schools continues to be cut, should school systems do something to protect the resources for younger kids, and do something different for older kids, maybe so!

You see, what if the 12th grade was a whole lot different from what it’s like now. When I was in 12th grade, it was a very easy time for me. The first semester was the few required classes like government civics. The second semester was a super easy time for me, as I was a teacher assistant and did hardly anything. I was pretty much just counting down the days until I was out of there and tossing my graduation cap into the air. I don’t know how it’s like in other schools, but the 12th grade is probably a similar experience as my experience.

So, what if the school systems dramatically changed the 12th grade experience? What if the 12th grade was not spent learning about subjects that should have been taught in the earlier grades? What if the 12th grade was used for the students to take college or dual enrollment classes? What if the 12th grade was used for students to learn a skill in career tech classes? What if the 12th grade was used so students could learn things they should know as an adult, like how to budget or find a job? I believe the 12th grade year should be totally re-vamped!

I am going to provide an example below of what I would like to see in a typical redone 12th grade school day. I am using a 7 period schedule, since most school systems are moving away from a block schedule. I would have the mornings be used for the students to either take college classes at school or at a nearby community college or university. Or for the students who are not ready and should not go to college, I would like to see those kids in career tech classes. Where these kids learn skills to apply to careers that are in demand, like computer programming or nursing? It would be better than probably what they are doing in the 12th grade now.

After the morning college or career tech classes, I would like to see the students in classes that would teach them things they need to know when they are adults. Students should know how to maintain a checking account and do taxes. They should know how to cook and do household chores like doing the laundry. They should know how to create a resume and fill out job applications. They should know how to raise a family and their future kids. They should know how to properly maintain their bodies and eat right and exercise. They should know how to read other people’s body language and how to speak to other people properly. I want these classes to teach the students basic life skills that they should know about when they leave high school.

The last classes of the day would be extra circular classes. For example, in high school the last period of the day is generally used for students on sports teams like football or basketball to practice or lift weights. For those students on athletic teams, the last period would be there for practices. For those not on any sports teams or during out of season, the last period would be used to be creative. Like doing an art class, computer class, photography class, or something else. Every person has something they are creative at, and they should be able to show their creative strengths in the 12th grade.

The states would save education money because at least half the day would be used not using teachers at the school, and the money could go to the college and career tech systems. The other half of the day would be used teaching life skills, and this can be done with teachers who are not certified in science or math, use those teachers in the lower grades. You would not need major certified teachers to teach life skills, which would result in less staff and salaries. For the last periods, coaches are already there to take on the kids, and for those not on sports teams, you would not need certified teachers to maintain these extra-circular classes, so you save money on salaries and staff.

I just think the 12th grade year could be used to prepare students for adulthood in a better way than what the 12th grade experience is now. If it saves money, and better prepares the students for being adults, than it should be done!

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