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Sunday Discussion: Why We Need To Revamp The 12th Grade

On this Sunday Discussion, I wanted to talk about something that might need to change. You see, public schooling today goes from Pre-K, all the way through the 12th grade. Yes, starting […]

The Disturbing Trend of Spending More Money on Sports Than Education

This is a disturbing trend in Alabama, and I am talking about sports and academics.  According to a AL.com article, every public Division I university in Alabama experienced athletic spending per college […]

Alabama Passes the School Flexibility Bill

What a night tonight!  The Alabama Legislature passed the School Flexibility Bill.  The original bill was something both sides of the legislature agreed with.  But after a conference committee session, the bill went from 9 […]

Sunday Discussion: Alabama General Election 2012

On Tuesday Americans go to vote!  And here in Alabama we have a couple of big races.  After you pick your choice for president we have several big statewide races!  By the […]

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