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Learn More About The Spirit Of Anniston Main Street Movies Summer 2015


UPDATE: The following is written by Calhoun County Insight.  Learn more at:  http://calhouncountyinsight.com/

Ever wanted to gather a group of friends, a projector, some cool movies and watch a few flicks together out in the open air?  The Spirit of Anniston is doing just that with Main Street Movies, a three-month long celebration of cool, classic family films that are sure to entertain the kids and maybe get nostalgia in the eyes of the grownups.

June 13: Despicable Me

This 2010 film follows the exploits of the delightfully despicable Gru, a hook-nosed evil mastermind with a penchant for ambitiously awful schemes like shrinking and stealing the moon. He adopts three girls part of a plan to sneak into a rival’s base of operations (which will automatically try to annihilate anyone approaching the front gates – Girl Scouts excluded) and slowly — slowly — discovers that his life is better for having the kids around.

Unlike most sticky-sweet movies about the relationships between adults and kids, Despicable Me starts with a guy who is shamelessly happy in his life and, after an adjustment period, discovers that it’s even better with his kids, which is a pretty good metaphor for parenthood.

July 11: Grease

Take a trip back to the 70s in the film adaptation of the Broadway hit, with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John finding a way to compromise between his rough-and-tumble greaser attitude and her prim, proper vision of mid-century womanhood. With timeless classic songs like “Summer Nights” and “You’re the One That I Want” backing up the drama, Grease is an unforgettable favorite that reminds all of us about the confused high-school kid we once were (before we started wearing leather and drag racing in the canals for sport).

August 8: Annie

Little Orphan Annie returns in this 2014 adaptation of the Broadway musical, itself an adaptation of the turn-of-the-century comic strip. The story still revolves around Annie, a plucky young orphan who is determined to make it in a world that could stand to be a little friendlier. When she meets William Stacks (an updated version of Daddy Warbucks), he tries to use her to his political advantage, only to discover that in the end, the kid is more important than becoming mayor. There’s a nice echo of Despicable Me here to tie things up for the summer.

Main Street Movies will be held at the corner of 12th and Noble in Anniston, with the showing beginning at dusk, when the sun is low enough to allow for projection. (around 8 pm) Admission is free and concessions are available, so spend some time with friends and family during this once in a blue moon event.

Learn more at: www.spiritofanniston.org or https://www.facebook.com/SpiritOfAnniston

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