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Good News Fridays: How Do You Distinguish Americans

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The YouTube channel sw yoon did an interesting experiment.  Sw Yoon is a Korean student and gathered students from different countries around the world to distinguish their perceptions of Americans.  Judging by the comments from these people, we are losing the battle of making ourselves friendly to other cultures around the world.

These young people said Americans were always too big, always eating at McDonald’s, always smoking, always carrying water bottles, are stingy, wanting to be wasted, that we dress weirdly, that we’re too loud, have too much confidence, that we speak our mind, that we kind of own the place, that we own the world, that we worry about money, and other stereotypes that we might need to shed.  The video even came with a disclaimer.

This video contains the stereotypes toward America and don’t necessarily reflect the views of the interviewees or interviewer.

Judging by the comments on the YouTube video, us Americans have some work to do to please the rest of the world.  Enjoy the video!

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