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Music Thursdays: Wal-Mart Is Going To Get A DJ

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Yep, that’s right!  That generic music you hear inside a Wal-Mart is about to change!  During their annual shareholders meeting, Wal-Mart announced that they would hire DJ’s, and a better rotation of music will soon begin to play inside all of their Wal-Mart stores.  The chain really did call their current music as “Celine Dion’s greatest hits on loop.”  Not only this would improve employee morale, it would give customers something better to listen too!

I hope Wal-Mart will move in the direction of another major chain called Sonic Drive-In.  They have something called Sonic Live Radio at their restaurants where it plays a wide variety of music, has real DJ’s, and allows people to sometimes request their favorite song, although it appears that Sonic Live Radio no longer takes music requests.  I hope the CD of Celine Dion and Justin Bieber Wal-Mart currently uses is shown being destroyed on YouTube, that would be cool!

As you know, just about every store in America plays this cheesy kind of music to get people into that purchasing type of mood.  And in some stores, you might be hearing a song you like, than halfway through, something interrupts it to announce to you a sweet deal, don’t you hate that!  Maybe Wal-Mart will begin to play some better music!  I got three songs they could begin to play, and it’s all about Wal-Mart!

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