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Music Thursdays: The Worst Justin Bieber Songs

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Justin Bieber, this guy can not stay out of the news.  He is ordering his security team to take other people’s cameras and destroy them.  He is driving his Ferrari recklessly around his neighborhood.  And he comes dressed like this at a NBA game.

Justin BieberJustin Bieber is starting to spiral out of control in my opinion, and I am not talking about his planned trip to space.  Soon, I am afraid we will see Justin Bieber in jail.  When that happens, he will join a long list of young stars who have gotten in trouble with the law.  Should I even bring up this picture of Amanda Bynes as proof?

** STRICTLY NO NY DAILIES**Amanda Bynes appears in court in NYC charged with allegedly throwing a bong from her apartment window

So on this edition of Music Thursdays.  I am going to talk about the 10 worst, annoying, bad songs from Justin Bieber.  Here we go!


I am not a big fan of this Christmas song.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

I hated seeing Justin in claymation!


He says baby way too many times!

One Time

His attempt at rapping was bad.

One Less Lonely Girl

Sometimes girls need to be left alone!

As Long As You Love Me

No, don’t love Justin Bieber.

U Smile

I found this song as boring.

That Should Be Me

Rascal Flatts should have stayed away!

Right Here

Found the song boring.

Love Me

This song was annoying!

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