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The Evening Post: Power Ranger Gives Away Toilet Paper And Money

Yes, this really did happen in front of a Moultrie, Georgia Walmart.  Someone dressed up as a Power Ranger and handed out toilet paper and money to people.  See this good gesture […]

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The Evening Post: Confrontation Videos From Hive Vs. Predator

So, is it safe to create a new YouTube channel and confront those using electronic communication for underage sexual relations?  The new YouTube channel Hive vs. Predator has confronted two people inside […]

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Good News Fridays: Volunteering For The Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive

  So I am getting myself more out there.  The reason is very simple, in early 2019 I will be on national television.  I can’t wait until I can say what the […]

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Music Thursdays: Wal-Mart Is Going To Get A DJ

Yep, that’s right!  That generic music you hear inside a Wal-Mart is about to change!  During their annual shareholders meeting, Wal-Mart announced that they would hire DJ’s, and a better rotation of […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: Wacky Changes In Front Of The Oxford Wal-Mart

On this Roadscapes Wednesday post, I talk about more problems in Oxford.  The problems are around the Wal-Mart and AL-21.  Since they repaved the road and re-did the median crossovers, traffic have […]

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How to Help the Adairsville Georgia Tornado Victims

Everyone is now starting to ask on what they can do to help the victims of the Adairsville Georgia tornado.  A plant that employed 100 people collapsed, homes are destroyed and lives […]

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Beginning This Year; Black Thursday

This will be one of those posts which will make some folks not happy.  As you know several retailers are opening on Thanksgiving night this year.  So after you fill your stomach […]

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