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Only A Few Days Left To Support Geeks Doing Good 2015


You have until the end of this weekend to support Geeks Doing Good 2015!  WorldBuilders and Heifer International are running this campaign to help raise families and communities out of poverty. Heifer educates families on how to farm, provides them with supplies to succeed, and then asks them to pass along their knowledge and harvest so that their whole community can flourish.

The campaign is live until this Sunday!  And there are some great rewards like signed posters from Paul & Storm, Geek-A-Week cards from Len Peralta, books, t-shirts, jewelry, True Dungeon with Pat and some friends at Gen Con, a chance to go on the next JoCoCruise, and much more!

Heifer brings communities out of poverty with their trademarked triple-threat of education, resources, and Passing on the Gift. You can visit their website for some of the incredible and detailed stories, but basically, Heifer’s programs start with an intensive educational blitz that teaches small community farmers and families what they need to know to get started, gives them the basic supplies they need, and when they become successful, these families and communities reach out to their neighbors, passing on their education, experience, and the fruits of their labors (livestock, seedlings, technology) so their neighbors can flourish.

To date, Worldbuilders has raised over $3.5 million for Heifer International, and this year, we’re expanding our fundraising efforts even more.  This is a major fundraiser, and they could raise even more.  They deserve more than the $150,000 already raised!  Learn more and donate at:

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