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Good News Fridays: The Shia LaBeouf Interesting Motivational Speech

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This clip which is a little over one minute has around 6 million views on YouTube.  All it is is Shia LaBeouf giving one hell of a motivational speech!  He stands behind a greenscreen and yells out his speech, while doing some interesting squats.

Turns out, this clip comes from a full 31 minute speech made with collaboration from Central Saint Martins BA Fine Art 2015 students.  If you thought the one minute clip was weird, watch this full 31 minute video!

So, why I am sharing this?  Because if you notice, Shia LaBeouf is standing behind a greenscreen, and photoshoppers have already modified the Shia movements, and you see him in other videos!  For example, here is a Blendtec Will It Blend video.

And here is a BiteAndChewFoodReview video.

So I am guessing this will be the major theme for 2015 Summer videos?  Like the ice bucket challenge was in 2014 and the Harlem shake was in 2013?  Oh boy, get ready for a Summer of motivation!  You thought this was funny, you will enjoy this songified!

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