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Watch This Video From Sadie Robertson About Just Being You


Many people see other people trying to compare themselves to other people, when all you have to do is just be you.  Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty put out a video last week and the message is clear.  Just be you!  The video offers insight into the biblical lessons that have helped build and shape her confidence in her life.  She talks about seeing so many people comparing themselves to others and she wanted to help fans by hitting them with a reality.

She also talks about other people dealing with jealousy.  And she wants other young people to live original and seek self approval only from God, and not from other people.  Being jealous is not a good thing!  And she also says you will never be content with who you are unless you allow God to come in.  And she thinks God has the best comfort zone and other humans have not had a better comfort zone than what God offers.  Overall, it’s a very good video and message with nearly two million views, enjoy below!

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