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People Want Jeremy Clarkson Back On Top Gear


Many people love watching Top Gear on the BBC.  The show gets millions of viewers, and the reruns on BBC America here in the United States gets good ratings every time with millions of people watching.  Some 350 million people worldwide tune into Top Gear!  Since Jeremy Clarkson was suspended from the show over a fracas after punching a producer from the show.  Fans are not happy about this.  There is a petition with over one million signatures to bring back Clarkson.  Sign the petition at:

Now, the people behind the petition rented a tank to deliver the signatures to the BBC in London.  Guido Fawkes were the ones who launched the petition.  And they thought it would be a good idea to rent a tank, and dress someone as The Stig from Top Gear and drive through the streets of London to deliver the signatures to the BBC.

Apparently, Clarkson is not happy with the BBC and has been critical to them at other events.  So, what will happen?  A BBC inquiry is considering evidence from the incident, and will report to director-general Tony Hall, who will decide Clarkson’s fate next week.  If Clarkson is let go from Top Gear, or if the show is cancelled, expect to see a lot of angry people on the internet slamming the BBC.  If Clarkson is not brought back, BBC America here in the USA will be getting a lot of hate messages online as well.

For now, enjoy the videos of the tank rolling through London!

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