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Enjoy Watching The Classic Doctor Who Livestream On Twitch

If you love Doctor Who, especially the classic seasons, you have a chance to enjoy watching some classic Doctor Who on Twitch!  Over the next two months on weekdays, BBC and Twitch […]

Go Inside A Conference Telling People That The Earth Is Flat

We all know the Earth is round, I mean, its taught very early in a child’s education.  But, there are some people out there that are very convinced that the Earth is […]

The Doctor Who Cast Recreates The Classic Abbey Road Beatles Album Cover

Remember the classic The Beatles cover where the musicians are walking across a crosswalk on Abbey Road?  Well it has been geeked out!  The cast from Doctor Who,  Peter Capaldi and Jenna […]

Watch The Doctor Who Premiere Episode The Magician’s Apprentice Now

Did you miss the season premiere of Doctor Who last weekend?  You are in luck, because BBC America has put the entire episode up on their YouTube channel and you can see […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Road Videos Of The Transfăgărăşan

This is Roadscapes Wednesday on a Thursday!  As you might have heard by now, the BBC has fired Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear.  And while the BBC says they might bring back […]

People Want Jeremy Clarkson Back On Top Gear

Many people love watching Top Gear on the BBC.  The show gets millions of viewers, and the reruns on BBC America here in the United States gets good ratings every time with […]

Music Thursdays: Doctor Who Musical Parody From The Hillywood Show

Yep, someone made an excellent parody of Doctor Who and turned it into a musical!  The YouTube channel The Hillywood Show took the tenth doctor from Doctor Who, David Tennant, and took the song “Time […]

My Review of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

Today was an epic day in the geek/nerd world!  First, we had the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic season 4 premiere. (click here to read my thoughts on the first two […]

Robots Are Taking Over The Workforce

We are getting closer and closer to a Star Trek world where everything is done with the help with robots.  And jobs become so scarce people don’t have to worry about money. […]

See the Inside of the TARDIS, Thanks to Google Maps

This post is going out to all the Doctor Who fans out there!  One of the main staples of Doctor Who is the TARDIS, or Time and Relative Dimension in Space.  The TARDIS […]

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