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Learn More And Order The My Little Pony Fan 2016 Calendar


Are you a My Little Pony fan, then you should read this post!  A couple of artists who do fan art of the characters from the show are coming together to put together a 2016 calendar featuring fan art from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.  The calendar not only will feature fan art from fans of the show.  But the calendar will also have art from the animators of the TV show and comic book.

The Brony Thank You Fund Calendars have been very popular, and now the 2016 Brony Thank You Fund Calendar is ready, and the theme is “Ponies Go Hollywood.”  They’ve taken 12 of the most iconic movie and television moments in history, and given them the pony treatment.  You’ll find blockbusters like Ghostbusters, Big Hero 6, and the Lion King, as well as more cultish favorites like Donnie Darko and even Halloween 3: Season of the Witch.

The calendar also includes dozens of staff and VA birthdays and all the known Equestrian holidays, and is printed on heavy UV-resistant stock. All donations benefit the Dana Farber Cancer institute in Boston, one of the world leaders in cancer research and treatment.

They’ve got an all-star roundup of artists providing the pages this year, including:

  • Sabrina “Sibsy” Alberghetti (MLP:FiM Storyboard Artist at DHX Media)
  • Justine Pulles (MLP:FiM Color Artists at DHX Media)
  • Andy Price (Artist for IDW’s MLP:FiM Comic)
  • Dana Simpson (Creator of the “Heavenly Nostrils” comic strip)
  • Pixelkitties
  • Tsitra360
  • Leek Fish
  • Toxic Mario
  • Mackenzie Fields (Thank You Fund Staff Artist)
  • Mr. Kitties
  • Trish “Nanook123” Forstner
  • Timothy Ropple

So do you want a calendar?  Go pre-order now at:

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