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Could Alexander City Become Famous Thanks To Harper Lee


You know Harper Lee, she wrote the classic book “To Kill An Mockingbird” that made Monroeville famous.  We all know that a second book from Harper Lee called “Go Set A Watchman” is coming out this Summer.  That will get all the book nerds talking!  Now, there is news coming out that Harper Lee was working on a third novel.  And if this novel story is true, it would make Alexander City more well known around the world.

The New Yorker has a story about Harper Lee living in Alexander City in the 1970’s and beginning to write a true crime novel based on the Alexander City story of Reverend Willie Maxwell, who was accused but never charged in the deaths of five relatives–including his two wives, a nephew and a stepdaughter.  Harper Lee titled this book “The Reverend”, but as of today, the book is not finished.

The Radney’s are hoping to see the book finished and published one day.  A Manuscript of the book does exist.  But they did not want any quotes shared in the story.  Go read the story from The New Yorker by clicking here!  The family is hoping that  “The Reverend” will be published one day!

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