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Why Jacksonville State University Thinks Weather Safety Does Not Apply To Them


So administration at Jacksonville State University, who is in charge of making the decisions to delay or cancel classes for the day due to bad weather and road conditions?  Because I think that person needs to be fired and replaced with someone who has some common sense!  While every other school in Calhoun County and Etowah County was on a three-hour delay, including Gadsden State, and other universities were also on a delay this morning, and here is proof of that!

You JSU thought there was no big deal and went on with a normal schedule.  I mean when the AHSAA NE Regional tournament, being held at Pete Matthews Coliseum on your campus, delayed games until 10 am, that should have been the trigger to delay classes until later in the morning.  But no, you thought it would be safe enough for the thousands of commuter students to drive to your school this morning.  And while the main highways were fine, the many side roads had plenty of ice patches early this morning.

When you made the decision to start classes on time this morning and not delay, many people took too JSU’s social media to let them know about this bad move!  Here are some of my favorite comments on Facebook and Twitter.  Read more comments from JSU’s Facebook update by clicking here!

Thanks for thinking about your students and putting their safety first. Way to go JSU.

Thanks JSU nice to know how much you care about us as students over your sports.

If roads are closed from being iced over. Then your insurance want cover your car wreck or medical bills etc no matter who is at fault.

Civil emergency… But make sure you go to class guys.

Thanks JSU for caring about your commuting students and faculty. So glad I spend my money to go here.

Smh…clearly they don’t care about the safety of the students especially those that don’t leave in Jacksonville

JSU why are you ALWAYS last to follow suit?!

Cherokee County, Etowah County, Calhoun County, even Talladega County has a 3 hour delay? So many of us commute and have early classes. This does not seem right or even logical.

I think the real question we all should be asking is exactly who makes the decision? That our safety as commuters is no longer important! But that our attendance in classes is more important than the safety of our lives! Many of these commuters also have children whose schools get delayed in situations as these then we ultimately have no choice to miss classes test or not! Thank you to the ones who are making my decision in the morning ultimately tuff!

So is JSU going to tell all the professors to cancel all tests tomorrow and not count us absent if we decide it’s not safe to travel during a civil emergency?

JSU is in middle of nowhere, lots of country, not heavily traveled roads to get there…and I’m up at 4:00 a.m. to see if my son needs to get up and drive an hour to class to the only school open between here and there. JSU: where YOU ARE going. No matter what.

This is not the first time Jacksonville State University decided to wait until the last-minute to end or delay classes for the day.  During the January 2014 snow event, JSU did not make the decision to end classes for the day until all the roads were already iced over, and students were left stranded.  Heck, they were probably thinking about re-opening the school early, while some roads were left iced over.

So JSU, who is in charge making the decisions to make sure the students and staff are safe commuting to and from the school?  Last night, we were under a civil emergency.  And the state and county wanted everyone off the roads until about mid-morning unless it was an emergency.  Don’t believe it, here’s the text!

The administration at Jacksonville State University needs to start thinking about the safety and well-being of the students and staff who goes to the campus on a daily basis.  It would not kill you to delay for a few hours this morning!  You claim you took the decision seriously, but many have a hard time believing that.


I wonder if it’s going to take a student getting seriously hurt or worse wrecking on an icy road for JSU to get smart about weather safety?  Somebody needs to be replaced on campus!  I wonder if the administration will actually read all of the comments left by students, parents, and staff?  They need to be read, and changes should be made!


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