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Check Out The Best Videos From The Saturday Night Live 40 Special


Sunday night, NBC aired a special 3 1/2 hour SNL 40 special!  And if you did not have the time to watch the entire thing, you can watch the repeat this Friday at 7 pm Central.  But, if you can’t watch the repeat, here some of the best video recaps I liked.  For starters, the cold open with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake was off the charts!

The next video featuring a spoof of Celebrity Jeopardy! had a cameo with Bill Cosby, way too funny!

The next video I enjoyed featured the Saturday Night Live auditions that made several people household names.  I liked that even the failed auditions were also featured!

The next video was a reunion of Wayne’s World, it brought back a lot of great memories!

The next video featured some of the best politics moments from the show!

The next video featured a celebrity filled Q and A session during the show.

Well, that are some of the best clips I enjoyed!  To check out more, go to the Saturday Night Live YouTube channel!

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