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Watch This, A Siberian Husky And A Baby Chicken Became Best Friends


This video is one of the many reasons why I am a huge animal lover!  The YouTube channel Gohan The Husky uploaded a really cute animal video!  Who would think a Siberian husky and a baby chicken would be friends?  The owner of the husky found the baby chick on the streets with no mother.  So the owner got the chick, and gave it shelter until it could be taken to an animal shelter.  While the chick was inside the home, it bonded with the husky, way too cute!

Yes, the owner made sure nothing weird happened between the husky and chick.  And the two were very friendly too each other!  They became great friends.  The baby chicken is now at an animal shelter being helped, and will find a good home with other chickens!  Enjoy the video!

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