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Geek Alabama Pets: Gohan Meets A German Shepherd

How cute!  Gohan the Husky got the chance to meet a German Shepard.  They both had a really good time!  See them play below! Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: […]

Geek Alabama Pets: Pranking My Dog With Alien Costume

If you were a dog, and someone walked in wearing a alien costume, what would you do?  YouTube channel Gohan the Husky had it’s owner put on a alien costume to prank […]

Geek Alabama Pets: My Husky Reunites With Best Friend Husky After 10 Months

This is so sweet!  Gohan the Husky has not seen his best friend Max the Husky in 10 months.  In the video below, you can watch the two huskies reunite! Click to […]

Good News Fridays: My Husky Reacts To Head Massager

So you buy a head massager on Amazon, and wonder how your dog might react to it?  This video might be the answer!  The YouTube channel Gohan The Husky had its owner […]

Foodie Saturdays: What Cooking Dinner With My Husky Looks Like

If you own a dog, you know how it happens.  You cook dinner for yourself, and your dog watches you cook, then eat your entire meal.  Dogs really love food, and that […]

Gohan The Husky Celebrates One Million YouTube Subscribers

I love it when I see a YouTube channel get over the one million subscriber milestone.  YouTube sends that channel a gold-plated plaque to celebrate the milestone!  And the latest channel to […]

Watch This, A Siberian Husky And A Baby Chicken Became Best Friends

This video is one of the many reasons why I am a huge animal lover!  The YouTube channel Gohan The Husky uploaded a really cute animal video!  Who would think a Siberian husky and […]

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