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Get Ready For The Rose Bowl By Playing Ducks Hunt

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Remember the classic Nintendo game Duck Hunt?  Well, if you are wanting to relive the good ole days, Flat Miner Studios just made your day!  And this game is a great time waster at work!  The game is called Ducks Hunt, and it features the University of Oregon duck mascot flying around.  You have three shots to shoot down the duck.  And when the duck hits the ground, a Florida State Seminole football player rises up with the duck, and you hear the Seminole fight song, 16-bit style!

Ducks Hunt 1

The game is very simple, you have three footballs to shoot down a Oregon Duck.  And each duck shot down is worth 7 points.  If you waste too much time, or use up your three shots, you will instead see a referee waving no good.  My only gripe about the game is its a little too long when the duck is falling down and when the Florida State football player is holding up the duck.  Other than that, it’s a good game!  My question is this, will the game makers make another game featuring either elephants or buckeyes being shot down, if Florida State wins over Oregon in the Rose Bowl, I hope so!

Ducks Hunt 2

Play the game before Nintendo kills it off at:

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