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Watch The 2014 Anniston New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show At Fort McClellan

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The fireworks at Fort McClellan was so successful ringing in 2014, that the city of Anniston will once again host a fireworks show on New Year’s Eve 2014!  Before you go to parties and out to eat, why not catch a free fireworks show! The Anniston Parks and Recreation Department will have a free fireworks show on Wednesday December 31st at 7 pm. The fireworks show will take place at Fort McClellan at the Duck Pond area. Anyone can park for free at the softball and soccer complexes. But get there early because parking will be limited.  And the roads around the Duck Pond area will close 15 minutes before the fireworks show begins!  Here is a map of where the fireworks show will be at and where you can park!

From Google Maps.

Anniston Police will provide traffic support at the intersections leaving Fort McClellan. And the show will be around 20 minutes long. Be advised that the roads around the Duck Pond like Exchange Avenue, Berman Road,and Summerall Gate Road will be blocked beginning at 6:45 pm and will stay closed until the end of the fireworks show. To get you in the spirit, here is video of the 2013 Anniston New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show.

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