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The Cable One / NBC Universal Controversy


Cable One is going to wish all of their subscribers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, by possibility removing even more channels from their lineup!  Today, Cable One posted this on their Facebook page.  They are saying NBC Universal has launched a negative campaign on them, and they are demanding a rate increase that is double the previous rate.  Sound familiar?  This is exactly how the Viacom controversy unfolded.

Cable One NBC

This is the fourth contact disagreement Cable One has had in the space of about two years.  First, it was AMC Networks, then it was the Turner networks, that subscribers lost for about a month, then it was the Viacom networks, that will never return to Cable One.  And now, all of the NBC Universal networks could be next on the chopping block.  If the NBC Universal networks leave Cable One, it would mean nearly half of the channels you expect on cable TV would be gone on the Cable One system.  At the same time, the cable bills have not been lowered and keep going up.

Some people think it’s the content providers who are wanting to be greedy and charge more to the cable companies.  While that might be somewhat true, here is something else you need to think about.  From an article on Deadline Hollywood, when Cable One dropped the Viacom channels, they lost about 15% of their subscriber base.  Here is the kicker, Cable One’s profits still went up even after they dropped the Viacom channels and lost subscribers.  They saw a 1% increase in operating income to $40.1 million. That gave the cable operation an operating profit margin of 20.5% on revenues of $195.7M, up from a 19.6% margin on $202.4M last year.

So, I don’t think it’s the content providers who are wanting to be greedy, it’s Cable One who wants to be greedy, and not pay a little more so they can keep hoard as much money as it can.  What do you expect, Graham Holdings Company, is owned by Amazon CEO  Jeff Bezos.  So I guess greed is more important that keeping bills lower and providing great customer service?  Is that right Cable One and Amazon?  It’s like the villain in this Cable One commercial below is Cable One, and the common sense lady is actually the consumers, who are growing tired of the antics from Cable One.

So, let’s rundown what is really going on.  Cable One wants to grab all the profits it can, while axing more channels, without lowering the cable bills.  At the same time, they want to provide sub-par internet service and terrible customer service, that is the Cable One model!  More and more people here in Calhoun County have dropped Cable One.  Heck, even Jacksonville State University have axed Cable One cable service, and would also dump Cable One’s internet service if there was another good provider.

So maybe the problem is you, Cable One?  Why not make sure the NBC Universal channels stay on Cable One, and bring back the dropped Viacom channels, without raising the cable bills yet again and also taking a hit in your profits, that is the common sense business decision.  The way you are doing things now Cable One, is a joke!  How long until Calhoun County is smart enough to dump Cable One, because it’s about time!

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